Core Values

Expertise, Experience, & Excellence in Space Systems

We are ORION, a cutting edge space systems and space solutions provider.  Founded in early 2019, ORION Space Solutions (OSS) is a Joint Venture formed by ASTRA and Pumpkin, two established aerospace providers that have over a decade each of experience in the development, fabrication, test, and operation of CubeSats and SmallSat platforms and the integration and use of compact sensors from those platforms. As a unified company we are guided by our core values​.
  • Customer needs are the top priority
  • Communication is key to success
  • Flexibility & Modularity are paramount to our approach
  • There is no such thing as too much Testing & Preparation
ORION Space Systems can provide end-to-end mission solutions with focuses on mission design, analysis, operations, integration, testing, and calibration of integrated payload and spacecraft systems. We also provide scalable fabrication for payloads and small satellite systems.

OSS Leadership

Comprised of Professionals from ASTRA and Pumpkin Space Systems
Chad Fish - Andrew Kalman - Geoff Crowley - Gerald Thompson - Ashton Meginnis -  Scott Jensen - Erik Stromberg - Crystal Frazier
ASTRA is a technology development company that provides tools and solutions for complex space physics disciplines, instrumentation, modeling capabilities and data analytics. We are a leader in the development of Small Satellites through our staff’s decades of combined experience.
Pumpkin is a CubeSat subsystem developer and system integrator that provides hardware, software, and mission services to support customers achieve ambitious small satellite missions. We are a leader in the CubeSat industry offering best in class power and Command and Data Handling subsystems and full spacecraft.

Current & Past Customers

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