Our Design Philosophy

Orion Space Solutions is successful because our engineers and technicians interact directly and frequently with our clients to ensure our solution meets the technical and delivery requirements. Our deep experience allows us to advise on the best and most affordable approaches to meet your needs. Moreover, we have the vision, drive, and expertise to push the boundaries and find innovative solutions for unique mission requirements, as well as any unexpected challenges that arise. This close relationship with our customer enables Orion Space Solutions to effectively understand and address each unique need, achieving their desired end result.

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Mission Solutions

OSS understands the science, objectives, and requirements base that drive successful mission architectures. Having developed many of their own space based missions, and provided input and recommendations to customers on many more over the past two decades, OSS can provide detailed mission planning and design expertise that accounts for all aspects of mission lifetime - from formulation through implementation to expected execution on orbit.  



Planning & Design

OSS has flown and operated dozens of their own small satellites, ranging from 1U to 12U CubeSats, and delivered many more to customers. OSS provides full spacecraft solutions at a wide range of sizes (portfolio of up to 27U), with options on varying communication (up to 100 Mb/s downlink), power (up to 1kW power generation), ADCS, and deployment mechanism (up to multi-meter extensions) needs; thus enabling a myriad of mission approaches for our customers.





Payload Design



OSS has extensive experience integrating high performing payloads with small satellites. We provide integrated, comprehensive solutions for a wide range of sensors and instruments. Our spacecraft platforms enable maximum flexibility in payload access and reconfigurability throughout the integration and test flow. Our team engages directly with customers throughout the mission to ensure that payload performance is fully understood and maximized on orbit.


OSS offers test and calibration options tailored to your mission needs. We recognize that every mission is unique, and we work side-by-side with our customers to ensure successful and consistent results.  OSS offers a full suite of testing and calibration services, with facilities tailored to your specific requirements for complete mission success. From vibration and thermal vacuum testing, to analysis, calibration and certification, the OSS customer first approach aims for total satisfaction, transparency, and rapid delivery.





Mission Operations

Getting to space is half the battle. OSS offers globally networked communication & data solutions to provide customers with the on orbit success they expect. Our mission operations activities are fluid and transparent, allowing for integrated customer planning and review.  OSS mission operations occur 24/7, so customers never miss an opportunity. From single 1Us, to constellations of many Us, OSS enables the insight, coverage, and management for successful mission execution scenarios

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